Children's Education

The Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS)
The CEAS is a Tri-Service organisation funded by the MOD. It was established to provide information and support to Service families and eligible MOD civilians on all aspects of the education of their children in the UK and overseas.
As children move frequently from one school to another or between different educational systems, obtaining appropriate provision can be complex. The CEAS can provide help and guidance on the following areas:
Moving School
School Excursions
Liaising with Local Authorities Education Overseas
Unit Moves
Types of Boarding
Retention of SFA Funding for Boarding Schools
Planned Admissions Boarding School Concerns
Appealing for a School Place
Special Education Needs
Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Waiting Lists Special Schools
The Children's Education Advisory Service (CEAS) can be contacted at Building 190, Trenchard Lines, Upavon, Wiltshire SN9 6BE. Tel Mil: 94344 8244 or Civ: 01980 618244 E mail: or log on to the MOD website at

Considering a school for your child for the first time or moving between schools, is a very important decision and responsibility. Parents want to be fully informed so that they can decide which school they would prefer their child to attend. All schools welcome enquiries and head teachers will be more than happy to arrange a visit. You are strongly advised to find out about the schools that serve your quartering area and visiting them is highly recommended.
For help, guidance and information on all aspects of education in the Aldershot Garrison area you can log on to the following websites:
Directgov at Follow the links to the Education and Learning section and find out where your nearest catchment schools are as well as picking up useful information on children's education.
Hampshire County Council at Follow the links to the Education and Learning section to find out about school directories, school admissions, OFSTED inspections, special educational needs, curriculum information, school holidays, school transport arrangements, extended services and any special arrangements.
OFSTED at for information on the most up to date school inspections

The following list of schools is just a sample of what is available in the Aldershot Garrison area. For a full list contact the HIVE Tel Mil: 94222 2650 or Civ: 01252 347650 or visit

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