Minley Medical Centre

All personnel attending sick parade are to report to their Squadron orderly room and notify their Squadron duty NCO that they are reporting sick prior to attending the Medical Centre at 0800 hrs. The Medic, Nurse or Doctor will triage all patients and carry out appropriate treatments following laid down protocols.
Appointments are at timed intervals. Whilst every effort is made for the patient to be seen at their given time, there may be occasions when there is a short delay. All personnel attending urgent/special sick are to report to their Troop management or duty NCO prior to attending the Medical Centre.
If you wish to discuss more than one problem with the Medical Officer please ask for a double appointment.

Clinic Timings
Timings for various appointments and clinics are as follows:
Sick Parade: 0800-0830 hrs
Routine Clinics: 1030-1200 hrs 1330-1600 hrs except Tues pm
Nurses Clinics: 1030-1230 hrs

Additional Clinics: By appointment only
Healthy Living
Smoking Cessation
Service Medicals
Diving Medicals
The Medical Centre is closed daily between 1230-1330 hrs
In an emergency you must dial Mil: 0999 or Civ: 999 and request an ambulance, then inform the Medical Centre.
For Service, Fit for Course and Diving Medicals, all personnel will be required to book an appointment with the Medic/Nurse for run-ups prior to the Doctors appointment.

Prescriptions are sent to Lloyds Chemist in Fleet, which is contracted to provide dispensing services to Minley Medical Centre. When you have been given a prescription, take it to the reception desk, who will fax it to Lloyds. Prescriptions handed in before 1230 hrs will be available for collection at 1530 hrs the same day or on the next working day if later than 1230 hrs.
Repeat prescriptions will be ready 48 hours after the request has been received by individuals. This is also subject to availability from Lloyds Chemist.

Medical Cover – Out of Hours
Patients are to contact the North Hampshire out of hours on: Tel 01189 365649 or 01189 365592

North Hampshire Urgent Care
Frimley Park Hospital, Portsmouth Road, Frimley, Surrey GU16 7UJ
Tel: 01276 604604 www.frimleypark.nhs.uk
Opens from: Mon-Thurs 1830-0800 hrs Friday 1830-0800 hrs Monday Public holidays – 24 hr cover

All calls will be triaged over the phone. You may be asked to go into the OOH clinic, this will only be instigated by the clinical lead at the end of the consultation. In some cases this service may offer home visits, but this will only be deemed necessary by the clinical staff.
Please inform the Guardroom, 3 RSME Regiment if you are reporting sick out of hours.

Eye Sight Testing
For eye testing, contact the Medical Centre who will issue the options form and patients can book their own appointments.

The Medical Centre has transport available for local hospital appointments etc, leaving the Medical Centre daily at 0830 hrs, 1030 hrs and 1530 hrs.

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